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How to Make Invitations With Microsoft Powerpoint in 3 Steps



Microsoft Powerpoint is best known for its presentation-creating features. One popular use of Powerpoint is to make invitations to parties and events with the software.

Let’s look at how to make a memorable invitation using Microsoft Powerpoint.

  1. Choose ‘New Blank Design’

    How to Make Invitations With Microsoft Powerpoint

    Start the program by clicking on the icon on your desktop or in your start menu. If you are using the mobile app, tap on the app icon in your app menu. Although you are able to use any of the templates available, it might be easier to start with a blank design when making an invitation so that you can add all the features you require manually.

  2. Add Text Boxes and Text

    How to Make Invitations With Microsoft Powerpoint

    First thing first, add a few text boxes for the content of your information. A quick design tip is to use multiple text boxes to easily adjust text size, fonts, and layouts. We suggest using one box for the header, another one for the event or party details, and a final box for the conclusion.

  3. Add Media and Details

    How to Make Invitations With Microsoft Powerpoint

    Now comes the fun part, adding the media. Now you start adding borders, backgrounds, and images to bring the invitation to life. Powerpoint has some images, but if your party has a specific theme, then you might need to download a few to use.

    When downloading images, try to get ones with a transparent background if you plan to use a background on your invitation. If you don’t, the image might appear in a white box, which might ruin the effect.

Make Invitations Easily Using Powerpoint

Using Powerpoint to make invitations is easy and straightforward. You can even experiment with slideshow invitations to send digitally with WhatsApp or email, which works incredibly well in this digital age and creates more interest.

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